Advanced Search

The Advanced search page enables the building of complex search queries across specific fields using multiple search boxes which can be linked together with Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT).

  • It is possible to add as many additional search rows as needed to the entry form.

  • Searching on ‘All fields’ searches across all database fields.

  • There are three Compound fields which enable searching across selected multiple fields at the same time:

    • Authors/Contributors – searches across authors, editors as well as corporate author

    • Title – searches across article title fields (both original language as well as translated English title)

    • Indexing Term – searches across all indexing fields in one go – Descriptors, Identifiers, Organism Descriptors, Geographic Location and Broad Term

  • To search by language please use the two digit ISO 639-1 codes which may be found here:

It is also possible to specify search limits using a variety of filters:

  • Creation Date – the date when the content was uploaded to CABI’s platform. For databases this is the date when the abstract was uploaded by CABI. In contrast the “Year” field in the Advanced Search field drop down can be used to search the year of publication of the original article or full text, rather than that of its corresponding abstract.

  • Publication type of Abstract Record – limits results to specific types of content such as journal articles or conference proceedings

  • Open access content or subscribed only content (Note that this refers to the access status of the item hosted in CABI Digital Library and not to the source content in case of our abstract records. To filter on Open Access source content, you can use the 'Limit to: Open Access available' filter on the search results page).

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